Hipster spice and everything nice: Nashville’s food scene

The music city is a treat for the ears, but it is also generating conversation as a metropolitan for taste buds. Calling Nashville a food city is not only apt, it is but an apt-tetizer.

The biggest travel websites have been snapping away lately at the cultural city’s food scene. Dessert precedes any main course this year with ice cream shops wildly impressing Travel + Leisure magazine. Several of the berry pick (with choice syrup on the side) are Glazee Artisan Ice Cream, Bravo Gelato, and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, which amazingly scotches up some flavors.

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Working back to the main course, food trucks are paying colorful tribute to Tennessee’s flourishing agriculture. The state is not over its best days with produce as relishes line up in the perky pecking order of the city’s signature southern dishes. Cayenne-coated chicken and the trademark meat-and-three lunch are on the regular working class trays that tourists want to get their forks on.

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Coeds never run out of inns and cafes to crawl for a hearty meal. Fried chicken and snapped biscuits are ordered in between classes by students from Vanderbilt University. Young professionals and local foodies are privileged with genial wine bars and microbreweries. And the opening of the Olive and Sinclair chocolate factory adds a whole new dimension of hyperactivity to the town’s kitchens, which are truly running a show of their own.

There’s virtually everything and anything in Nashville that the bigger, more cosmopolitan cities of America may bump off the pamphlets. But the trim neighborhoods, pulsating downtown, and boutique hubs form a forgotten side of intimate America that more tourists are looking back on. Nashville knows how to keep it real.

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Vanderbilt University law student Brittany Perskin loves a good food-filled ride around her home city. Some of her favorite Nashville stops are Marche, Midtown Café, Local Taco, and the abovementioned Jeni’s. Read more about Nashville here to plan your own foodie tour.

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  1. Toni Foster

    The city isn’t just known for its great country music. I think the food there is definitely worth singing about.


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